Thanks to everyone who entered the St Francis Today Photography Competition presented by Client Care. The Photography Contest – ‘Shoot for Success, Frame Your Future, Live Your Best Life’ was well received, and we had some stunning entries. 

 It was a challenge finding the winner. We went through the top ten entries and eventually whittled it down to the top two.

 They were:

Winning image and R1,000 prize winner. 

Cycling At Sunset

by Liesel VD Berg

An amazing reflective study of a cyclist at dusk. 

 Second place image

Sunrise Moonset, Cape St Francis 

By a local surfer

A stunning moment in time when the morning sun reaches out to the Seals car park, just as the moon bids farewell for the night. 

Sunrise / Moonset, Cape St Francis





St Francis Today Writing Contest

Winning Story and R1,000

Letter from Wildfire the Dragon.

By anonymous.

Harking back to the dreaded fires of 2016, this is an entertaining read and was very well received. The lady who wrote it wished to remain anonymous, but now that she has won, she might let us announce her as the winner.  


Second Place story

 Small Town Blues 

by Jacqui Jorgensen

 A delightful entry by Jacqui Jorgensen that was also very popular and received some awesome compliments. 

Congratulations to everyone. The Photography Contest – ‘Shoot for Success, Frame Your Future, Live Your Best Life’, continues unabated. At the same time, the Writing Competition goes on hold for a short while as we are travelling and cannot give it the attention it needs. 

Also, please remember that if you are a prizewinner, you can’t enter for another three months.