St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape – Issue Seven of the local magazine Wildside Times is free from various outlets. You can find your copy at the SUPERSPAR Village Square in St Francis Bay, The Bakery in the old village, and Blue Bottle Store. 

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In a time when print media is dying a slow death that seems to be picking up speed, Wildside Times still offers a print version of their magazine to be read over your morning coffee or in the afternoon when you are planning your jols. There is a schedule of all the Kouga Region events, interviews and look-backs, stories and reports on the local area, and all that will happen in the new year.

The Shipwreck Museum, Cape St Francis

As a world-famous surfing destination, St Francis has so much to offer. With the demise of all surfing print mags in the country (goodbye Zigzag and BoardTalk), we decided to run a cover photo of local Seal Point surfer Rory Dace during his impressive double win at the Rip Curl Grom Search in Seal Point earlier this year. East London photographer Louis Wulff took an excellent photo. 

Other articles in the mag include:

St Francis Bay – A Treasure Trove of Unique Experiences.

St. Francis Bay is more than just a picturesque destination. It’s a playground for the curious, the sporty, the adventurous, and those seeking a one-of-a-kind experience. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of St. Francis Bay’s most captivating and unconventional things to do.

Kookslam At Bruce’s

During the most potent swells this year, wreaking havoc on our beaches and the spit, our dear editor decided to wear his young son’s underpants to the hospital.


Coffee: The Amazing Elixir

We have many world-class coffee shops in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis, but many myths are attached to the drink. We bust a few of them here > Coffee Myths.

Wildfire The Dragon

Wildfire the Dragon

This article, written by St Francis local Liz Spowart, won a St Francis Today writing competition. It is an excellent read about when the dreaded St Francis fires came to life. Wildfire The Dragon

The Coastal Gym

There is a new gym in the industrial area of St Francis Bay, and it is busy and popular and doing things right. With only an R200 / month membership fee, how does the Coastal Gym operate? It’s an incredible story, give it a read here:

Coastal Gym

Key College 

This article is a yearly wrap of the new St Francis High School at the end of their first year. It was an exciting year, and there were many highlights. It looks like an even bigger year for the school in 2024.

Key College

The Relentless Hunger For Edibles.

Edibles are here. If you’re not hungry, you soon will be.

Cannabis is 2,500 years old.

There are about 100 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant.

Bob Marley was buried with marijuana.

George Washington was a grower.

Shakespeare used to have a toke while writing.

You can get CBD and THC edibles delivered to your door, you can pick them up, or you can shop them, all in St Francis. 

This article has been our most widely read story this month by far. Read it here >

Dagga Chappies

The fully interactive online version, including video embeds and other bells and whistles – Wildside TIMES #7

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