Wildside TIMES Issue 4 In production

We’re going straight into issue 4 of the free local magazine Wildside TIMES. It should be available from 1 October, and you can find it at SUPERSPAR and many other retail outlets. 

The magazine has grown nicely since we started it around the beginning of the year. So many people thought that there wasn’t space for a new print publication in St Francis, that it wouldn’t work, but it has proven to be a nice little addition to all the magazines, newspapers, websites, newsletters and flyers that come out of this little neck of the woods. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported the magazine since the beginning. 

In issue 4, we have a few interviews with some extraordinary local people, but we can’t say who just yet. Either way, they will be exciting interviews. They might wobble a few boats, gently singe a few bridges. Yep, those sorts of interviews. 

We’ll also look back at the recent Rip Curl GromSearch in Seals a little while ago and how successful it was. With the Cape St Francis Resort coming on board as a presenting sponsor, the event gathered a lot of attention in the South African surf community. 

We sample some fine local alcoholic beverages, eat some lovely local meals, and this magazine will be a fun and entertaining read. 

If you’re thinking of advertising, then please mail info@craigjarvis.co.za 

If you want to read the last issue – it’s right here – and remember to hit the full-screen toggle.

If you want to read back issues – they’re over here – the reading experience is much improved with the full-screen toggle. 

If you want to stock the magazine in your retail outlet, gooi a quick email, and we will make sure that you have some for the next issue.