There has been a lot of interest in the Wildside Marketing advertising screens lately, with so many new people coming into the village, seeing the screens and asking questions about them.

Four screens sit inside the SUPERSPAR, Buildit, Kouga Print and Coastal Convenience Store in Cape St Francis. These four screens play a loop of adverts that catch shoppers’ attention due to their strategic placement- near tills, near counters etc. 

The cost to advertise on these four screens is R3k/annum. 

The adverts are 10 seconds long, and they form a loop. Currently, the loop is sitting on 9mins, so an  advert will be broadcast every 9 minutes, all day while the shops are open.

Currently, load shedding and loss of Internet signal have resulted in some of the screens having problematic periods, but we have employed a technician who is in the village and who checks the screens and resets them should there be a post-load-shedding drop. 

We currently have a UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply) attached to the screen in the SUPERSPAR. 

Many businesses combine the power of screen advertising with advertising on St Francis Today and our printed and online magazine WildSide TIMES to reach a larger demographic in St Francis Bay and further. 

The screens will be a great way to advertise to a captive audience as we approach the busy season of the Calamari Classic weekend, 22 – 23 September, the Rip Curl Junior Surfing event Sat, 30 Sep – 01 Oct, the St Francis Links PGA Golf Tournament and more. 

We have discounted options available for those that wish to advertise across platforms, and all three platforms have social media hubs on Instagram and Facebook. 

For more information –

WhatsApp: 0823764443