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Bravo Baronne!

Happy 50th Baronne

South Africa owes gratitude to legendary Nederburg cellarmaster Günter Brözel for coming up with the Baronne blend of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz that thousands of wine lovers have enjoyed over the past five decades.

Nederburg Baronne has just notched up its 50th anniversary, adding it to a relatively short list of South African wines that can claim that honour.

Some clever marketing soul at Nederburg did the math and worked out that if you calculated the number of bottles of Nederburg Baronne consumed in South Africa today, it would work out to the equivalent of one bottle opened every 15 seconds!

Appreciated by both the crowds and the critics, Nederburg Baronne is enjoyed for its longevity and consistency of style and quality.

The country’s wine-drinking patterns in the 1970s were quite different from today’s. Firstly, there wasn’t much of a wine-drinking culture, and when people did drink wine, they preferred white.

Dry red wines that could be enjoyed daily were in short supply, but Brözel hit on the idea of combining cabernet sauvignon with Shiraz’s spicier, fleshier, and more exotic notes. Cabernet always leads the blend, but the role of Shiraz in making the wine accessible and appealing should never be underestimated.

Nederburg red winemaker Zinaschke Steyn said: “It’s an honour to maintain Günter’s vision and his tradition,” adding that she hoped in another 50 years on, Baronne would still be a favourite.