Welcome to our weekly column presented by SUPERSPAR Village Square.

This column serves as a quick roundup of what is happening at the SUPERSPAR and Tops.


There have been many reports on national media about the water quality in Nelson Mandela Bay and stories of contaminated water in Kouga in general. It really hasn’t been flattering. 

There is plenty of bottled water at SUPERSPAR Village Square. Our reverse osmosis filter water is running at full capacity. But unfortunately, while the water quality in St Francis Bay is fine, we are under a very water-stressed situation across the whole Kouga region. So it’s a good idea to stock up on a few extra bottles of H20.


Did you know that the SPAR has its own magazine? If not, where have you been hiding? SPAR SAVOUR Magazine has just released its milestone 90th Issue, and it is a clear picture of what is happening in the world of SPAR.

The magazine is digital and can be read right here – SAVOUR

In this 90th Birthday Issue, you will find some reasonably straightforward but exciting recipes for birthday cakes for all ages, including the popular toddler’s Dinosaur Cake and a Watermelon Cake. 

SPAR’s My Home Gym

Check out SPAR’s My Home Gym for those of you who want to get fit during the next few months. It’s an 8-week online exercise programme designed to be done in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.  

The programme has been put together by a registered biokineticist. It is based on 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks with cardio days. Videos will outline the programme and demonstrate each exercise. There are printable guides to assist with stretching, warming-up, cardio and readiness. So time to get sweating. 

SPAR’s Sustainably Sourced Coffee

Did you know that SPAR’s Beantree Café procures coffee products with internationally recognised certifications such as Rainforest Alliance Certification, UTZ Certification and Fairtrade Certification?

By using this certified coffee, SPAR is driving sustainable consumption and is promoting sustainable coffee farming. Sustainable coffee farming drives resource efficiency around water, energy, fertilisers and pesticides, which aligns with SPAR’s sustainability commitment to responsible living and resource stewardship. SPAR sources coffee products from countries located in Africa, South America and Asia.

 SPAR house brand coffee originates from the Cerrado region (Brazil), Sidamo region (Ethiopia), North Tanzania, Supremo Huila (Colombia), Huehuetenango (Guatemala) and Mandeling in Indonesia. No wonder it’s so delicious.