The Kouga Traffic Department will be conducting weekly roadblocks throughout the region.

Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said the primary goal would be to check for outstanding fines and execute warrants of arrest.

“A fully-equipped mobile unit will be used to check drivers’ and vehicles’ information during these operations,” he said.

“Thanks to this mobile technology, it only takes a few seconds to check if someone has an outstanding fine or whether a warrant of arrest has been issued for them.”

Persons with warrants of arrest against them will be able to pay on the spot or they will face imprisonment, he warned.

A warrant of arrest is issued when an offender fails to appear in court following the issuing and service of a summons against them.

Benson said people with outstanding camera fines would also have the option of paying these fines at the roadblocks.

A card facility will be available on site.

“We want to make sure our roads our safe and will, therefore, continue to enforce a zero-tolerance approach to lawlessness on the roads,” he said.

“Law enforcement will be intensified on all our roads and these operations will take place on a weekly basis.”