KOUGA – In an urgent letter addressed to the Premier of the Eastern Cape, Oscar Mabuyane. Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman, passionately advocates for an immediate intervention. This to address the severe deficiency in scholar transport services – threatening the educational rights of learners for over a month now.

1000 Scholars

“Approximately 1 000 scholars within the Kouga region are grappling with the frustration of being stranded daily, patiently waiting for scholar transport that never materializes,” said Bornman.

“This not only infringes upon their fundamental right to education. It also raises questions about the commitment of the Eastern Cape Department of Transport to fulfill its responsibilities in this crucial domain.”

Bornman stated that, having walked alongside some of the affected learners on a perilous 25km journey to school, brings light to the challenges faced by these learners. It is an intolerable burden placed upon them.

Critical Scholar Transport Crisis

“The absence of a reliable and sufficient scholar transport system, leaves these learners in a vulnerable position. Thus It impedes their access to education and hindering their pursuit of knowledge,” he said.

In response to this urgent matter, a respectful plea is extended to Premier Mabuyane for immediate intervention to address this crisis.

The plea emphasises the need to explore and implement immediate solutions to alleviate the hardships faced by these learners.

Current Situation

An invitation is, furthermore, extended to the Premier and the MEC for Transport. Further to engage in a collaborative discussion where strategies can be devised to rectify the current situation.

“As leaders, there is a collective responsibility to ensure that every learner has the unimpeded opportunity to pursue education. Thus also to contribute to the prosperity of the nation,” said Bornman.