My mom-in-law invited the family for dinner on Friday night, a blessing for tired parents who had worked one helluva week. We all decided on the always-fun Two Eatery and Wine Bar.

It was an early start as we had the kids with us, and we arrived at 22 Eatery when the sun was still fairly high in the sky.
It was full.

Every seat was taken.

The disappointment on the kid’s faces was unmistakable. ‘We want pizza,” they seemed to be shouting at us under their quiet frowns.

Then the magic happened.

A couple occupying quite a large table kindly agreed to be reseated in a slightly more intimate seating arrangement, and we had our family table.

Four pizzas were ordered – made up from the menu options with extra toppings, and I went for the pork belly. There were just a few portions left of the delicacy, and I managed to grab one of the last ones.

Twenty-Two Eatery Review

The pizzas looked delicious, and everyone started smashing pizza slices into their faces, a good enough sign of deliciousness. The pork belly was insane. Tender and delicious with fresh vegetables and an exquisite gravy. There was a mild case of food envy going around, but being the gracious person that I am (some might not agree), I offered samples of the pork to whoever was interested in return for a slice of pizza.

Our service was excellent, with our waiter being helpful and attentive and arriving immediately when we ordered fresh drinks. The ambience was awesome, with a friendly hubbub of happy customers chatting and eating and drinking. Other patrons who arrived at a now super-busy restaurant were asked to wait, but their waits were quick as some people were finishing up, and they were also soon seated, all under the calm supervision of Debbie.

The owner, Nicholas, made the time to come up and chat about our meal and life in the village in general, despite the business of the establishment and his staff reaching out to him with a couple of questions. He coolly handled it all and continued the chat until the restaurant’s needs were too pressing.

It was an excellent evening. I have no idea how much it cost because the mom-in-law took care of the bill, but when it arrived, it seemed all in order, and she paid happily.

It is hard to single out any restaurant in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis because they are all so wonderful, but well done to Nicholas and his staff for a wonderful meal where everyone was made to feel special, particularly the kids.