Three Cheers to all those who worked so hard to stop Thyspunt happening

Being somewhat indisposed for the past six weeks through illness has been frustrating particularly as there has been so much meaty news during the period that I lay flat on my back reading the news from my smart phone each morning. Of course the Springbok’s huge loss was hardest to take made all the more frustrating as I was unable to watch the broadcast.

Although SFT had published a few broadcasts over the past weeks, in my haste to get back to work I overdid things a bit and ended up back in beds with a nasty lung condition further delaying SFT return.

Yesterday (Monday 16) would have been the perfect day to resume paublishing in light of Friday;s massive news but unfortunately I had to be in PE bright and early for the cardio to give me the once over. So whilst everyone in St Francis Bay is no doubt aware of Eskom’s decision not to build the next nuclear power station at Thyspunt maybe there are some reasers further afield who have not heard, unlikely but just maybe!

So massive was Friday’s news that there it is of little wonder that it took the power out throughout St Francis / Oyster Bay for some 12 hours or was that just Eskom’s way of giving us the finger for going into battle against them. No doubt there are some pro-nuclear supporters with more than a little egg on their face, non-more so than ever popular Dr Kelven Kemm particularly in light of his claims (28 August) pronouncing Thyspunt was going ahead in spite of the court ruling that the entire process had been cancelled.

Local Thyspunt Alliance and other anti-nuclear activists have certainly been rewarded and our thanks must go out to the Thyspunt Alliance especially to our own Trudi Malan and Hilton Thorpe and others including Gary Koekemoer of NoPENuke for their efforts.   While this decision does not totally scuttle plans to one day build a nuclear power station at Thyspunt, it certainly is unlikely to rear its head during the lives of the majority of our readers. And certainly in years to come a solution will have been found to store generated power renedering nuclear options unnecessary and obsolete.

No doubt the anti-nuke fight will continue with Eskom’s decision to build its proposed new nuclear reactor at Duynefontein, near Koeberg in Cape Town and here’s to all those supporting the Thyspunt effort lend a helping hand to their Cape Town colleagues.

And just to give confirmation that the decision is final (in terms of being preferred to Thyspunt) attached are two documents, one from Environmental Affairs and one from Gibb, the consulting engineers.

J36210_Nuclear-1 EA Decision_v3_2017.10.14

Nuclear_1-Environmental Authorisation