It is the Changing Of The Season as well as a Changing Of The Guard.

Construction Time Again

There is an edge to the mornings now. There is no longer that hot and humid vibe but a little freshness in the air and cold dew underfoot.
This winter, we are going to see one thing: construction. While there is ongoing construction at Grand Comoros, Homestead Views, and those large secret retail outlets at the petrol station (Food Lovers, Dop Lovers, KFC?), the groyne field construction is also incoming. Plans are also in place for a development in Cape St Francis. There is rapid expansion in the industrial area, and two large-scale plans are in the pipeline for the space behind the industrial area. People are talking about them, and they are not modest plans. There is also a rumour that an ultra-modern new hotel will be in the centre of town. It does seem that everyone wants to be a part of St Francis these days, and they have every right to, just like all of us discovered this place.

The Remorseless Rush Of Time.

Construction and development mean many things, both positive and negative, but it does mean that we are in an inexorable cycle of growth and change. We are all part of a veritable boom town scenario with persistent expansion. The village will be busy, busy, busy, and there is very little to stop the relentlessness of rapid development and the remorseless rush of time. It’s like people have struck gold or discovered diamonds; only the gold is in the sunrises and sunsets, and the diamonds are our clean air and the white sands of our beaches.
A Kouga Local Municipality Land Use Scheme Amendment Notice is out. If interested, please register as an interested or affected party by mailing the contact email stated in the notice. Applications must be received before 29 March 2024.

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