FOSTER Finds Illegal Snare

FOSTER Finds Illegal SnareMost of the trails and paths in the FOSTER-managed reserves are looking in great shape. The maintenance team hard at work cutting back, trimming, and fixing the paths and trails in readiness for the holiday season and the expected influx of visitors. This means higher usage of the network of trails.

It is only through the generous support of our members and donors that the Seal Point, Seal Bay, Cape St Francis Reserve, and the Irma Booysen Reserve can be kept virtually alien-free. Thus we can continue our ongoing maintenance programme.

While working near the Irma Booysen Reserve entrance off Osprey Street, the team stumbled upon a snare. This is a first for a very long time. We need to nip this in the bid as quickly as possible to protect our fauna in the reserves. Further, we have caracul, bushbuck, genet, porcupines, bush pigs and duiker roaming the reserves. So, we will need resources to fight this if more snares are found.


Open day at the Shipwreck Display on 20 November

Our area’s latest tourist attraction, the shipwreck display at the entrance of Cape St Francis, has drawn a lot of visitors to the Irma Booysen Reserve. FOSTER has received a lot of positive feedback as a result.

Dave Bowmer is our reserve manager and the brainchild behind the display. So, Dave has offered to hold an open day at the shipwreck display on 20 December. He will have more artefacts, books and other interesting information about the shipwrecks and the fauna of the Irma Booysen Reserve. He will be there from 08h00 waiting to tell you fascinating stories and enlighten you about our reserves and FOSTER‘s work; see you there!

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