ST FRANCIS BAY, (Eastern Bay) – St Francis Links announced the successful conclusion of its 17th joint Annual General Meetings (AGM) of its two legal entities. T he St Francis Links Homeowners Association NPC and Links Golf Club (RF) Limited on January 11, 2024. At the AGMs, Mike Wylie, the chairman of the board and retired chairman of WBHO, was one of the original developers of the Links. He announced the end of the development period. Marking a significant milestone in the lifecycle of the estate. “This achievement reflects the commendable development efforts of the board and directors and represents the strong association between the developers and the members,” commented Wylie.
Over the past two years, St Francis Links has experienced a building boom and an increase in property values. Confirming a strong vote of confidence in the estate. The number of completed homes on the estate is now 296. A further 38 homes are currently under construction and 47 in the concept or planning stages.


Despite facing challenges such as a lengthy drought and fairways being impacted by grass diseases. The estate has shown resilience and adaptability with the reserves remaining healthy. The building administration operations have stepped up their efforts to accommodate the surge in new home submissions. This as well as maintenance of water supply and other infrastructural requirements.


“The reputation of the Links as a top destination for golf and a preferred host for televised golf through both the Sunshine Tour as well as the DP World Tour has further improved on both the national and international stages.” says Jeff Clause, CEO of St Francis Links. “The successful co-sanctioned SDC Championship and three PGA Championships events held are scheduled to repeat in 2024. They will boast prize funds of $1.5 million and R2 million respectively.”
In order to maintain and enhance the reputation of the facilities at St Francis Links, renovations are ongoing. These are resulting in improved offerings for homeowners, members and visitors to the Clubhouse.
It is not only the Clubhouse that receives attention, with the greens having been overseeded last year. This is a practice that will continue annually. Additional cart paths have been added to protect the course. Also steps have been replaced and unnecessary barriers have been removed.


The newly elected Boards will carry out a reserves study workshop to carefully plan for further clubhouse renovations and future value-adding extended family recreational facilities for property owners. Also the potential installation of a solar farm to augment the supply of electricity to the estate and to maintain environmental sustainability.
In closing, Clause commented. “Despite the challenges faced, the financial year 22/23 was successful. In its history, no special levies have ever been required. Despite the acquisition of adjoining properties by the HOA from the developer, the total reserves remain unchanged. The estate continues to outperform inflation. These are all signs of a successful and viable estate to the benefit of its property-owning community.”
Mike Wylie expressed his gratitude to the past board members, existing board members, Gert Vorster, Elsabe Du Preez and Kevin McNaughton. He welcomed the new members of the board, Sakkie Burger, who was subsequently elected as the new Chairman, and Mark Johnson, as well as management.