Friday night burger bonanza at the Full Stop Café

Something extraordinary happens on Fridays at the Full Stop Café in Cape ST Francis. Chef JP has initiated a burger bonanza night that is quite special. 


It kicked off two weeks ago with his Eiffel Tower burger, which was an absolute treat.


Last week he built these crazy Black Out Burgers to tie in with some ridiculous load-shedding stints, and the charcoal bun and everything else that went with it proved to be even more of a success than his Eiffel Tower.

“That was the best burger I’ve ever eaten,” said one of the surfing groms who went straight there after a long afternoon at the beach.” My ten-year-old daughter agreed. “So good”, she reckoned.

This week promises to be the best burger yet. It’s called the ‘On The Go Pizza Burger’, and it’s pretty awesome.

The Full Stop is closed for a private function this Friday evening, but the Burger Bonanza must go on! It is proving so popular that Chef JP had to adapt his approach.

The ‘On The Go Pizza Burger’ is primarily a takeaway burger, although they will be available for lunch on Friday (Full Stop opens at 12)

So, what is a pizza burger? Well, it’s the regular, delicious burger that the Full Stop Café is renowned for, but with a twist. A few ingredients are pizza-orientated, but they work equally tasty and delicious on a burger.

A Portuguese bun and a 200g patty is the usual starting point. 

Then, bacon bits and chorizo initiate the pizza flavours, as well as pizza sauce and pizza cheese (mixed mozzarella and cheddar), guacamole, slaw, pickles and trimmings, and tomato and lettuce make up the rest of the burger.

I was privileged to watch Chef JP make a burger from scratch.

He fried the patty, fried some bacon bits and the chorizo, and heated up a little pizza sauce in a pan.

When the patty was cooked, he placed it in the sauce and put some of the sauce on top. He added the cheese, then the chorizo and bacon bits, before finally adding another cheese topping. 

This went directly into the pizza oven to cook, melt, and go all yummy.

The pizza burger was cooked gently in the pizza oven before Chef JP assembled the burger in one perfect stack.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but I had no misgivings, being a fan of Full Stop Café pizza and their burgers. 

It was delicious. There is something about a freshly cooked burger that always finds the spot, but this was something else. 

The robust and spicy flavour of the chorizo was the first taste, but it was mixed with some cheese and a little bit of the pizza sauce for a decadent melt-in-your-mouth sensation. 

Chef JP had adapted his slaw into a slightly drier version, which was the perfect balance with the pizza sauce and the pickles to provide that somewhat tart and tangy flavour that makes you want more. 

The burger patty was done perfectly, and the combination of everything exemplifies an outstanding burger. The pizza oven baking process added just the right amount of smokiness to the burger, giving it that open-fire aroma and vibe we all love. 

It is a lot of food, but nothing a hungry surfer or anyone feeling peckish couldn’t get through. For those with more space to fill, you can add a portion of chips for an extra R35. You can swap out the chips for a draught beer for R35 on normal Friday evenings. This Friday, however, it’s take-out only, so there are no beer options. 

Next Friday 23 June, Chef JP has assured me, will be something quite unique. “It’s going to be red, and it’s going to be fiery,” is all he would tell me. Watch this space for more details. 

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