Thanks to our readers and advertisers

Message from the editor, St Francis Today coffee maker, bottle washer and whatever alse need doing!

Thanks to all those loyal readers for all the support and good wishes by way of e-mail messages, comments ad Facebook whilst whilst I was indesposed having triple by-pass (no I was not having a new fuel injection system fitted to my car). I had the op five weeks ago  and unfortunately, believing I am in fact bullet proof, tried to do a little too much a little too soon. This unfortunately resulted in my suffering a collapsed left lung which apparently was quite serious if  not life threatening.

Anyway I went to PE for a final check-up yesterday and have been given a clean bill of health but with instruction to still take things easy for a month or so. This may result In the  coming weeksthat SFT may be a lillte late (or heaven forbid – not at all) for I have decided to start work at sunrise rather than my previous 3:30am.

Thanks for your support.