Here is a sad tale of two homeless cats.

The tortoise-shell cat is a gorgeous Grand Dame aged 10. Sadly, her beloved owner has Alzheimer’s and is moving into a frail care home – and this cat desperately needs to be adopted. She is used to living with one owner and without other dogs or cats and would make the most loving companion for an elderly, or a younger couple.

If you would like to adopt the tortoise-shell cat – please call Verna on 073 515 0891.

The other pussy cat is a young, domesticated stray who arrived one day in a St Francis holiday home, where the owner fell in love with her. Unhappily, this owner is returning home at the end of next week and cannot take this cat with her.
She says this girl has the nicest, most affectionate nature of any cat she’s ever met.

Please help spread the word about these cats needing homes. Their situation is becoming desperate.

For the lovely stray – please call Wendy on 082 044 9189.

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