R7-m project to safeguard Santareme

R7-m project to safeguard Santareme from stormwater nears completion

Almost exactly five years after a torrent of water crashed through St Francis Bay, damaging houses and municipal infrastructure in its path, the upgrade of the stormwater system at the Santareme dune field is nearing completion.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said work on the upgrade started in March and was set for completion by September 2017.

“The upgrade was long overdue,” she said. “We are thankful that additional measures will be in place by next month to help prevent a recurrence of that terrible day in September 2012 when a pond at the dune field breached and tonnes of water came crashing through the streets and houses of Santareme towards the ocean.”

She said the upgrade was being done at a cost of R7-million by the Department of Public Works.

“The project has two main purposes – to reduce the amount of stormwater that collects in the dune ponds and to increase the capacity of the downstream stormwater system so that water is channelled away from properties should flooding occur,” she explained.

“Any future developments in the surrounding areas will be expected to meet the downstream stormwater capacity requirements.”

She said improvements included the construction of a spillway in the larger pond of the dune field.

The spillway will consist of a piped outlet to drain the pond to the north. Overflow from the pond will drain via the existing natural flow path to the inlet of the existing culvert which, in turn, drains to the natural watercourse in the Romazini Valley.

The upgrade further includes the replacement of two 700mm diameter pipes with larger 900mm diameter pipes at the intersection of Romazini Street and St Francis Drive so as to allow for a larger volume of water to flow through the system.

The existing stormwater infrastructure in the vicinity of Diaz Drive, Cayenne Drive and Tom Brown Boulevard is also being upgraded. Work includes increasing the capacity of existing pipes and improving various overland stormwater escape routes such as new manholes and catch pits within developed areas.

A pedestrian path in an alley between houses at Tom Boulevard is also nearing completion and will serve as an overland stormwater route.

Road Sign vandalism

Road sign vandalism | Jet Skiers not playing ball

It’s that time of year again when road sign vandalism is the sport of the day, or at least that of the early morning revelers on their way home after a night out on the town. The St Francis Property Owners association appeals to all those who find it necessary to destroy, deface and or steal signage to desist as it is a criminal offence.

It has been brought to our attention that some vandalism has taken place, especially in St Francis Drive, where speed sign poles have been removed and street curb signs pushed over.  This is a criminal offence and we urgently request everyone to refrain from doing such things.  The police are aware of the situation and will monitor it.

Jet Ski A further problem is that some jetskiers are encroaching within 200 metres of the beach and on some occasions have actually circled bathers.  Not only is this illegal but it is extremely dangerous.  Jetski owners are requested not to play in the waves anywhere near bathing beaches.

We all want to have a happy and safe Christmas holiday.

Property Owners move office

St Francis Property Owners logo

St Francis Property Owners have moved into new offices in the Alva-Merle Properties building at 115 St Francis Drive. The new telephone number is 042 294 0594.

The eMail address remains the same  – contact@sfbresidents.org.

The website address is stfrancispropertyowners.co.za


St Francis Property Owners Annual General Meeting at St Francis Links 22nd December at 5:00pm

Below is the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.

  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of the 2015 AGM Minutes
  4. Address by the Mayor of Kouga
  5. Our (SFPO) progress during 2016
  6. Financial Statement for 2016
  7. The St Francis Vision 2030
  8. The proposed SRA levy
    • An update on the SRA application process with the Kouga Municipality
    • The levy itself and what it will be used for
  9. Outlook for 2017
  10. Questions

Please make every effort to attend this important meeting to hear of progress and the plans of St Francis Property Association as well as an address by Kouga Executive Mayor, Elza van Lingen.

And after the meeting enjoy full à la carte menu at St Francis Links!
Booking Essential – 042 200 4500

Jacky Green in the new St Francis Property Owners offices at 115 St Francis Drive