Salubri Food

There’s A New Food Truck In Town

Salubri By The Sea  is a healthy and environmentally-conscious food truck operating at Cape St Francis, by the Seal Point Boulevard Car Park writes guest writer, Craig Jarvis.

Salubri Food TruckOwned and operated by Cody Futeran and Alexandra Singer, their offering is a healthy and organic menu of home-made meals and snacks, including green salads, grilled chicken and pesto wraps or ciabatta sandwiches, and grilled sirloin chimichurri wraps or ciabatta sandwiches. They also have daily specials.

They have healthy and delicious snacks on the side such as fruit kebabs, banana bread, granola yoghurt and fruit breakfast snacks as well as their delicious strawberry smoothies.

Fresh produce with all their packaging entirely compostable and bio-degradable, from their straws to their cups, Salubri has opted for the healthy and sustainable route for their enterprise, and it has already taken off.

A few good days of trading under the belt and they have a steady stream of customers, lining up for their early morning coffee, post surf meals or healthy snacks for the kids. It seems that the healthy option is paying dividends.

Alex prepares home-made iced tea for the hot days, and this has proven to be popular, and they have benches and tables set up for the customers to relax on while enjoying their food and watching the guys surf.

Situated alongside Surf Camp South Africa, on the beach, there is a natural spill-over of hungry surfers and would-be  surfers, burning up their energy in the sometimes chilly waters of the Seal Point beach break.

Before receiving Craigs article I dropped in a t Salbri’s for a chat with Cody and Ally and I must say if you bottle enthusiasm, I would bottle Cody’s enthusiasm and make a fortune. But food is all in the taste and presentation and whhilst enthusiasm my sell it it the test is in the taste and all I can say is WOW. I sample the Angus Beef Sirloin Chimichurri and the Free Range Chicken breast with atantalising pesto and yes WOW! The beef all but melted in my mouth and the chicken, well anyone who can mass cater chicken breasts and keep them moist and succulent, knows what they are doing.  To wash it all down I had an apple and cinnamon iced tea served in a plastic cup that is FULLY BIO-DEGRADABLE.
In the words of the Arnold – I will be back!
All details including menus and phone numbers can be found on their facebook page –
More about Cody and Ally and their backgrounds here –
Definition of salubrious. : favorable to or promoting health or well-being. 

Cody and Ally ready to serve their delicious, healthy fare