Expedition Africa 2017

The countdown to Expedition Africa 2017 has officially begun

Expedition Africa at Cape St Francis Resort

The countdown to Expedition Africa 2017 has officially begun, as teams of two and four prepare for the 500km expedition through the Eastern Cape’s notorious  Adventure Province.  Cape St Francis Resort have preparations in full swing to host this year’s  World Series event, as teams from all over the globe prepare to arrive in May.

Cape St Francis Resort will not only play host to this year’s Adventure Racing World Series event; Expedition Africa, but also feature on the start line in the 12th May 2017. Cape St Francis Resort’s very own; Gina Malherbe  will be joining the members of team Black Diamond; creating a Cape St Francis Resort team.

The team officially came together mid-February this year, featuring Ryan Van Niekerk, Nici Van Niekerk, Leon Pieters  and new-comer Gina Malherbe who are in training for the event coming up.  According to Malherbe; It is hard to juggle life and training for an event this large, but as their team is faced with limited time left until the event, it is much easier to be more focused. “I have a couple of new disciplines to learn very quickly, which in turn adds to the adventure of the sport” further expresses Gina Malherbe.

According to route designer, Stephan Muller; teams can look forward to experiencing all the challenging, yet beautiful attractions this glorious area has to offer. Magnificent mountain ranges and beautiful coastlines will provide the perfect playground for teams to endure 500km’s of trekking, kayaking, cycling, abseiling and all the other adventures this race has to offer.

“Having Expedition Africa take place in an area that is so close to my heart is a once in a life time opportunity. This will be my first adventure racing experience, which makes me extremely excited and nervous at the same time” shares Malherbe.

Teams can look forward to exploring the beautiful Kouga and Baviaans regions , including the highlight of this year’s course; the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest of its kind in Southern Africa.  The 225 000 HA mega-reserve boasts unspoiled, rugged mountainous terrain featuring spectacular landscapes will expose teams from far and wide to an entirely new kind of beauty.

Organisers; Stephan and Heidi Muller  have implemented a “Dark Zone” for the first time in the history of Expedition Africa.  A “Dark Zone” will be featured along one of the hiking legs, as teams will not be allowed to travel during night. This is to ensure the safety of the teams as they will traverse though an African Wildlife area.

The Cape St Francis Resort will host the event from 12 to 21 May 2017. The staff of the resort are excited to host the event, and provide an opportunity for athletes to truly experience a wilderness where few have set foot.

With many local teams entered into the event, the multiple supporter transitions will enhance the camaraderie and ensure ongoing excitement travels throughout the Kouga and Baviaans.  The organisers are confident that locals will have the chance to meet teams along the course of the race.  “By following the teams vie the online live tracking sites, our locals will be ready to support the many teams from their shops and restaurants as they pass by,” shares Esti Stewart.

  • Name: Expedition Africa
  • Dates: 12 May 2017 to 21 May 2017
  • Province: Eastern Cape, Kouga and Baviaans
  • Host Venue: Cape St Francis Resort

Get in touch with the organisers! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=273266142720354&fref=ts or simply visit http://www.kinetic-events.co.za/Adventure-Races/Expedition-Africa for constant updates of videos and other interesting information.

Expedition Africa 2017 -Cape St Francis

Expedition Africa 2017 -Cape St Francis

The St Francis exodus has begun

Successful Summer Season for St Francis

The St Francis exodus has begun

Well the end of the Summer holidays is nigh and the exodus from St Francis has started and by this time next week the shops, restaurants and coffee shops will no doubt be celebrating what has been an extraordinarily busy season.

There is little doubt the Eastern Cape and St Francis in particular, is the place to enjoy the summer break. Looking northward, they don’t have our beautiful beaches, our magnificent weather ( KZN experienced a rather cloudy and at times wet December) and few, if any, have the wonderful water related assets of St Francis, undoubtedly the water sports capital on the South African coastline.

Although we will miss our valued visitors who do so much to help our local economy, it will also be nice to again enjoy the quieter roads, shorter queues at our Superspar and quieter, less congested waterways of the canals and Kromme.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen commenting in a regional newspaper said our tiny town surpassed Jeffreys Bay this summer with most accommodation being full and for longer periods than in the past.

“Preliminary reports from businesses suggest that holiday makers at St Francis Bay were more willing to spend money on shopping, dining out and leisure activities like canal cruises than those at Jeffreys Bay, where holiday-makers tended to opt for free activities,” said van Lingen.

Certainly the weather seems to always play its part over the holidays and this year was no exception. Although we did experience one or two days of nigh on gale force winds, most days were almost windless or offered just a gentle breeze to keep us a little more comfortable in temperatures that registered in the upper 20’s throughout. And unlike some previous years power failures were limited to just the single instance that effected only Cape St Francis. Unfortunately Eskom decided to misbehave on Christmas Eve which must have created more than a little angst to those preparing Christmas Eve feasts.

Looking forward we do unfortunately have to address the shortage of water and the new punitive measures that will be in place. Everyone has to make the effort to conserve water and whilst some may have the financial resources to pay the extra costs for exceeding usage parameters that are in place, please consider the seriousness of the situation and work together in saving water. It is said the next World War will be fought over water, or rather lack of it.

To those leaving us

Come back again soon, we love having you!

Please drive carefully on your journey home.

Call back the past

The Heritage Maxwell Nine at St Francis Bay Golf Club

The Heritage Maxwell Nine at St Francis Bay Golf Club

St Francis Bay Golf Club is celebrating its 40th year and to start celebrating they are putting together a truly fun event for the not only golfers, but the entire family to enjoy. For the occasion they are returning the course, just for the day, to the original course as it was way back in 1975 when Leighton Hulett, the developer of the area then known as Sea Vista, opened the 9-hole private golf course.

Designed by Robert Grimsdell who was also responsible for designing such great courses as Mowbray, Durban Country Club and Hans Merensky Country Club, the club was initially known as The Cape St Francis Golf Club with the late Buller Pagden as the first chairman. In the early eighties the name of the club was changed to its present name St Francis Bay Golf Club.

During the eighties the fairways were upgraded and Poa Annua greens laid with the course earning the status of not only the finest 9-hole layout in the Eastern Cape but also one of golf’s best kept secrets. During the mid-nineties a decision was taken to extend the course to 18-holes, undergoing several changes since to the great layout that it is today.

Unique in South Africa, St Francis Bay Golf Club, like “the old course” of St Andrews, the home of golf, is situated in the middle of a town and thus St Francis Bay Golf Club is affectionately referred to as the “old course’ by locals.

The Heritage Golf day is and event for the entire family and readers should cross off the 13th November in their calendars and join in the fun. Dress in your best seventies garb and golfing gear for there are prizes for the best dressed. Come and join in the celebration and try your luck at some of the fun events that will be held on the day one of which is a shot at the longest drive with an old style club.

After the golf there will be themed party with live music and the day’s prizes will be handed out to the lucky winners of the various events.

Format : Scramble Drive
Price R30 per player
Bookings : St Francis Bay Golf Club – 042 2940 467

Anyone interested in sponsoring a hole / prize can contact Barry on 0826022604