Last month we had a very successful St Francis Today Writing Competition that saw some fantastic entries and was eventually won by Saskia Boonzaier for this entry – Small Town Swops. It was a great story with loads of feedback.

Since then, I have been stopped many times on my daily movements – whether in the SPAR, grabbing a coffee at Barry’s, or even at the beach, with locals telling me that they have such an epic story that they would like to submit.

We will accept any writing, poetry, long-form, and even fiction, as long as it is labelled; we just don’t want any sort of nastiness and too much swearing and cussing, negativity and not too much moaning. We can leave that in the real world because the world of writing is full of joy and wonder and how funny things were back then.

There is R1k from the pockets of the St Francis Today empire for the winner.

Entries to