St Francis Refuse Site

The closure of the St Francis Bay refuse site has been postponed to the end of July 2016 following discussions between the municipality, ward councillor and community representatives this week.

Kouga Municipal Manager Sidney Fadi said the meeting had been held to address concerns regarding the closure, initially advertised for the end of May.

“One of the main concerns that was raised, was that the new drop-off facility would be too close to the residential area of Sea Vista.

“While the site had specifically been chosen because it is within easy walking distance from Sea Vista, we have taken residents’ concerns to heart and will be identifying a new site. Some suggestions were made and we are looking at the various possibilities,” he said.

He said community representatives had further requested that the municipality reconsiders the ban on garden refuse being disposed of at the site.

“It was agreed that allowance will be made for garden refuse in refuse bags while building rubble will have to be disposed of at Humansdorp,” he said. “A comprehensive list of what can and cannot be dumped at the site will be compiled and distributed with the assistance of the residents’ associations.”

He said the additional time would also give businesses such as garden services and builders the opportunity to prepare for the impact the closure of the St Francis refuse site might have on their businesses.

“It was a very constructive meeting and we are confident that, by working together, we will be able to minimise the inconvenience to residents and businesses affected by the closure.”

Press release – Laura-Leigh, Kouga Municipality, Media Liaison Officer