St Francis really can rock

John Hammond ensuring aall the wheels are well oiled, and a few throats!

Saturday dawned looking ready to rain on the parade (concert) but as the day progressed so the rain then the wind stopped leaving perfect weather for St Francis Rocks. And what a great day, and concert it was! Congratulations are in order to John Hammond and is helpers, Sarah Swanepoel, Barry Tonkin and others we may have missed including the sponsors, for bringing St Francis a rockin good day.

As great as the day was it was sad to see such a poor turnout. Certainly the weather did look threatening but it cleared and what better way to spend a day with friends, old and just met, than under an umbrella in the fresh air savouring a glass of wine, a beer or one of the many cocktail drinks made up with Jack Daniels. Possibly next year’s concert, and we certainly hole there is a show next year. Just a thought but why not consider holding it on the 16th December (a public holiday) when more visitors are in town. Possibly by next year the village common presently being transformed will be able to host the event and maybe a major drawcard could be secured. For an event such as this people wouldn’t mind paying a small entrance fee to offset some of the costs which have to be quite substantial.

Great day some great music that certainly had the crowd up on their feet rocking the afternoon away.