St Francis Bay Property Owners LogoJuly Newsletter

Greetings again from St Francis Bay.

We have had another busy month with our focus now on starting up the operations of the SFPO NPC (Not For Profit Company) that will manage and deliver the restoration of our infrastructure. We had our first official Board Meeting on July 7. Wayne Furphy was elected Chairman of the Board by the Directors, including Chris Gray, Paul Pezarro, Gert Vorster and Peter Mountford.

A number of the beach front properties have organized themselves into groups according to the zones specified in the Environmental Authorisation, and have started getting quotes for repairing their revetments. Aldabara Run is well organized and has made good progress.

Greg Miller joined the NPC on 18 July, and in his typical enthusiastic way is coming up to speed with his understanding of the infrastructure Master Plans that Chris Gray and his Technical Committee have pulled together.

We present these Master Plans, the costs of delivering these plans and the funding requirements from property owners at three roadshows in Johannesburg (21/07), St Francis Bay (25/07), and PE (26/07). Our Johannesburg presentation saw a full house of 150 people at Inanda Club. We had plenty of probing questions and an overwhelming show of hands when asked if they would donate to the Saving St Francis cause. We hope to have similar interest in our sessions in St Francis Bay and PE. We are at the point now where the Property Owners have to commit to Saving St Francis and restore our infrastructure, or do nothing and effectively abandon the future of our Village. We have had many Property Owners give us their full support, and now we need your donations. The Presentation will be put on our website once the Road show is complete.

Best regards, SFPO Committee