Spring programme is usually a “standard procedure” at most clubs. We hollowtine the greens and tees, this year adding fairways and surrounds.

But after years of little or no rain, and much as we appreciate the rainfall, this season has been different and dare we say, disruptive. That’s why we employ Charl Blaauw. He’s different than most and better than most in his industry. Seeking advice is never below him. Getting the right equipment sometimes means asking others. Making a new plan, when required, is a given!

Due to the rain, brushing of the sand into the holes became impossible and the team had to revert to an alternate option which was to wash the sand into the holes. A three-day process took longer than one week. Charl kept us all abreast of the work accomplished. His videos are on point … follow St Francis Links on social media (Facebook and X) for more.

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