By Richard Arderne

Until 2019, Village properties that sold for more than R4m were almost always right on the beachfront.

By Village, we mean, to be clear, the suburb between the Canals and Santareme.

Since 2020, most have been away from the beachfront, as far as Lyme Road South and Reservoir Road.

Also, Village sales over R4m have increased from 1.5 sales per annum for 2005 – 2019 to 6 sales per annum since 2020.

Both these facts illustrate how property in the Village (and the rest of St Francis Bay, by the way) has been very buoyant since covid …. despite the delays with the beach restoration.

The first sale in the Village over R4m was in 2005, and there have been three sales over R10m, the highest being R11.5m, in Ralph Road.