Valentins at St Francis College – Spreading The Love!

By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Valentines at St Francis College

Valentines-Day Market-Nadine,Duncan,Lexera-Castle and Layla Reynolds

Mathematics is fun! And what better way to learn about the value of money than to sell your wares at a Valentine’s Day Market?

After being back at school for just over a month, the Grade 2 class was ready to put into practice what they’d learned about numbers. All school pupils were encouraged to wear red, white or pink in celebration of the annual Grade 2 market day, which has become a much-loved event.

The young hosts had spent hours preparing delightful stalls packed with love-inspired goodies and treats. More importantly, they were learning, on the job, how to run a business, handle money – and keep their customers satisfied!

‘Our annual Valentine’s Day Market, after deducting all overheads and counting up their profit, was a record-breaker in rands earned for the Grade 2 class. I was astounded by their professionalism and ability to show what they have learned during class. I am proud to call each one of them, a great entrepreneur!’ said Grade 2 teacher Nadine Duncan.

Valenties at St Francis College

Valentines Day Team: Ethan Hurley, Layla De Bruyn, Jac Duval and Mikhulu Nkwalase

St Francis College Grade-0 Valentine's Day

Grade-0 Valentine’s Day

PHOTOGRAPHS: Janet Duval, Daniela Reynolds and Elizabeth Carpenter