Sport Equipment success – Thank you St Francis 

The recent call for the donation of unused sport equipment has been a huge success thanks to the generous St Francis community. The appeal sponsored by Pam Golding Properties and The Village Superspar was able to collect all manner of equipment from tennis and squash racquets to rugby balls, hockey sticks to cricket bats.

The collection trolley is still in place at the entrance to the Spar so if you are having a last minute cupboard clear out be sure to drop off that old pair of rugby boots or old cricket helmet, or any other sports gear, new or used off in the next couple of days.

Pam Golding’s Richard Arderne and Jancke Beer with Village Superspar’s Richard Moolman inspect just one of several trolley loads of sports gear collected

Sports Equipment Appeal for Sea Vista Primary School

Darryl Geel of The Village Supersapar and Jancke Beer of Pam Golding St Francis

During the month of May, residents of St Francis Bay are requested to look around their homes for any “gently used” sports equipment for Sea Vista Primary School pupils .. soccer, rugby and netball balls, tennis racquets, soccer/rugby boots, wetsuits, surfboards and cricket bats. Then please drop them off before 31 May at the SuperSpar or at Pam Golding.

There are about 450 pupils with only nine teachers, which gives some insight into the problems facing the school. Also many have parents below the poverty line. The Sea Vista Educational Fund is currently funding an additional teacher, and also has sixteen volunteers assisting with language skills.

The important role that sport can play in children’s lives is recognised, but there is no money available for kit and equipment. Hence this appeal. The main sports at the school are soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics and tennis for boys, and basketball, tennis, athletics and hockey for the girls. The children range in age from five to thirteen. This appeal is also for surfboards and wetsuits for a group of Sea Vista pupils who are being coached outside of school hours.

For more information, please contact Richard Arderne on 083 284 0168.