Open Water Swimming

Friday 3rd May

Garth Perry commenting on Friday’s swim. .”With the weather  a bit otherwise this evening and a few swimmers growing feathers, it was touch and go as to whether my wet suit was going to cover the feathers but in the end it did.  Once in the water the temperature was much the same as the air”.

Times were as follows:-

Hadyn: 12:32 & 24:31
Willem: 12:33 & 25:07
Maria: 12:57
Mira: 13:04
Garth: 14:01
Sean: 15:14
Zoe: 17:01

Brave people these swimmers!

Friday 27th May

A smaller field than on previous Friday’s gathered at Quaysyde for the weekly open water swim time trials on a beautiful windless evening with the air temp at 19c and water 17c. It seems there is a wee bit of flu around for several stalwarts understandably fobbed off with ‘flu excuses’. Good to see the polar bear suitably attired in a wet suit like the rest of the swimmers.

The times were

as usual ,,,,  Haydn – 14:01 & 28:02
Michelle – 14:10 & 28:25
Garth – 14:28
Lorrin (the flipper lady) 15:00
Tim – 17:48
Shavonne – 19:20

As always the the after swim social with at Quaysyde was much enjoyed.

Until next week – keep warm and fit.

Friday 20th May

Water temps for the swim was 16c and air temp 17c with a strong easterly wind so this swim was not for sissy’s. The Polar Bear, Garth Perry chose not to swim as he had not yet managed to get a wet suit. Newcomer to the group, Richard Arderne, swam a 17:52 but complained his swim was compromised because of his leaking “Googles” only for Debbi Hudson to suggest that no excuses were allowed as this was not a paddling time trial and reminding him that Garth (Perry) had swum the previous Friday sans “Googles” or wet suit. Times were: Hadyn -12:12 & 24:51 Amica – 12-18 & 24:56 (Comment from Garth – “Please beat Haydn“) Willem – 13:03 Peter King – 15:32; Guy – 16:54; Maria – 17:23; Lorrin – 17:36; Tim – 17:38; Richard – 17:52: Minke – 18:04; Petra19:14; Marc – 19:21; Saskia – 19:32 Garth commented “The soup and roosterbrood was delicious and the social vibe after the swim was great,” Hopefully he wasn’t making the excuse of no wet suit as an opportunity to get to the front of the soup line.


Haydn Holmes and Amica de Jager posted the best times …. again. Time for you to beat him Amica Photo – Debbi Hudson


13th May

A few weeks ago a few polar bear types came up with a novel or maybe crazy idea to introduce weekly open waters swimming trials similar to the paddling club’s weekly paddling time trials held from its base at Quaysyde Restaurant every Wednesday. The swimmers have chosen to do their trials on every Friday at 5:00pm also from Quaysyde and Quaysyde has generously agreed to provide hot soup to all participants to help warm them up after their swim at just R30 a cup. No doubt this will be more than welcomed by freezing bodies. Although wetsuits are recommended it seems certain swimmers, or should that be one swimmer, namely Garth Perry, prefers to brave the canals in only a Speedo.

If you are interested in joining this growing band of ‘keep fit through winter’ swimmers, take the plunge and contact Garth Perry 0833099169 or be at Quaysyde at 5:00pm sharp on Friday suitably attired in a wetsuit and goggles or for the very brave, Speedo and goggles.

Top results from last Friday’s swim were as follows:

Haydn – 12:15 & 24:32
Amica – 12:18 & 24:37
Maria – 12:41 & 27:16

Others who joined in a very successful swim were – Chane, Guy, Tim (the white dolphin), Garth (the polar bear), Minkie, Marc, Shavonne, Petra, David, Cath, Anneka.

Open water swimmers - St Francis Bay Canals

Open water swimmers – St Francis Bay Canals Open water swimming – St Francis Bay Canals -Spot the Polar Bear, Garth Perry without a wetsuit.

Open water swimming - St Francis Bay Canals

And they’re off for a 1k or2k swim around the St Francis Bay canals