Speeding motorists be warned

Speeding R330Nigel Aitken, Chairman of the St Francis Bay Sector Policing Forum has appealed to motorists to proceed with care in the vicinity of the of the new bridge construction area. The contractors at the bridge have been forced to erect speed humps either side and in the middle of the temporary bridge due to motorists crossing at excessive speed and threatening the safety of workmen and other motorists. As a result a number of traffic calming and speed control measures have been put in place by the contractors constructing the new Sand River bridge. Motorists are urged to drive with care and observe speed limits while work is underway.

According to Aitken, the construction company has reported that one of their workmen tasked with flagging motorists to slow down was recently threatened by an incensed motorist. The motorist allegedly stopped, approached the workman and physically threatened the workman. This truly is unacceptable behaviour.

There is a further problem on the R330 in the vicinity of the Sea Vista Primary school and the informal settlement where stray farm animals often wander unattended on the road.
The speed limit from the Humansdorp side of the Sand River Bridge through to the point beyond the informal settlement is 60 kph. However motorists seldom if ever adhere to this limit and have been noted on occasion travelling in excess of 120 kph. Obviously this is a criminal offence and anyone caught motoring at this speed in this area could face a jail sentence.

With the festive season approaching the St Francis Sector Police Forum is appealing to all motorists and road users to strictly adhere to the traffic safety measures put in place.

The Traffic department and Municipal Law Enforcement are aware of this problem and will be visiting St Francis more frequently to police this road and motorists are warned of severe consequences.

Motorists are urged to drive with care and observe speed limits while work is underway.

Here is the fines table for excessive speed in a 60 kph zone

National Road Traffic Act 93/1996
Sect 59(4)(b) r/w: Exceeding general speed limit of 60 km/h in Urban Area.
Speed Fine
71 – 74 R200.00
75 – 79 R400.00
80 – 84 R600.00
85 – 90 R800.00
91+ No AG
Just by the way ….  No AG means …….

Motorists who exceed the maximum speed for admission-of-guilt fines (ie  91 kph+ in a 60 kph zone), are not given the option to pay an admission-of-guilt fine. They are arrested and brought before a magistrate. If found guilty, they may face up to five years in prison or a R25 000 fine.