SRA Gets Green Light Go Ahead From Municipality

After a drawn out process stretching back to the St Francis Property Owners’ AGM of December 2015 when the new committee the proposed an SRA levy, it was finally approved at a Special Council meeting of the Kouga Municipality last week. The Special Ratings Area (SRA) although initially proposed at 50% was reduced to 25% and the area affected was reduced to St Francis Bay (Village and Canals). The SRA is considered essential in the process of “Saving St Francis”

The entire voting process was independently audited and approved by McWilliams and Elliott Attorneys in Port Elizabeth. This required that both the process and all votes be verified against the owner or the appointed representative of each property, a procedure that was wide-ranging that took several weeks to complete.

There have been rumours (hearsay) of possible legal action by disaffected residents who are opposed to the SRA levy on the grounds that some of our senior citizens may be hard pressed to meet the additional cost despite the positive affect that this will have on St Francis property values. Possibly rather than lining the pockets of attorneys and advocates in unnecessary and hugely expensive litigation against the Municipality, creating a trust fund should be considered. This money that could be used to assist those property owners who genuinely cannot afford the additional 25% added to their rates bill.

A point worth noting is that even with the added 25% on the rates bill the Kouga Municipal rates are still below or on line with most town and cities in South Africa. And an improved infrastructure can only be good for future property values.

The SRA levy will only come into being in July of this year along with the new municipal budget. Municipal Manager Charl du Plessis was unavailable for comment yesterday but no doubt more news and information will forthcoming days and weeks to come. Wayne Furphy, St Francis Property Owners Chairman has given his assurance all St Francis Bay property owners and indeed residents will be kept up yo date with developments by way of news broadcast in various meadia as well as on the SFPO website.

If you are not up to dat on what the SRA is all about and are now choking on your coffee, the full Motivation and Business Plan is available on the

See map of demarcated area below