Local lad recovering after shark attack

Thankfully the 19-year old lad pulled from the surf by friends and fellow surfers at Cape St Francis beach yesterday afternoon is recovering well in hospital after what was no doubt a harrowing experience. The lad suffered lacerations to his left knee and lower leg and was treated for shock and his injuries on the beach by the NSRI St Francis duty crew and a local doctor. Accompanied by family members, he was transported by a private care ambulance to hospital in a stable condition.

St Francis Today wishes him well in his recovery, as we are sure do the entire St Francis community.

Whilst the type of shark has not been identified the extent of the injuries suffered by the boy, a local St Francis Bay resident, it is thought to have been a relatively small shark but efforts to identify the species is ongoing by shark working groups.

The NSRI, the municipal lifeguards and local authorities are appealing to surfers, paddlers and bathers to stay out of the water at local beaches and are flying a ‘No Swimming’ flag at Cape St Francis until authorities have assessed the danger. In spite of this call and with a good wave running,  several surfers were seen surfing off Seals late yesterday afternoon into the evening.

Obviously the rumours after such an incident abound with claims that ‘it was a Great White’ to ‘3  to 3.5 metres’ but there has been no confirmation of size or type according to Stuart Obrey  Deputy Station Commander NSRI St Francis. There is also talk of long-line fishing boats using a practice called ‘chumming’ but these are no more than claims but are being investigated. The public, especially those who fish deep sea, are encouraged to report any incidences of illegal fishing practices they may witness and immediately report it to the authorities and NSRI.

Bathers will have noticed the water has been unseasonably warm over the past few days

A shark bite kit stored at Cape St Francis beach was used to assist in the treatment of the patient.