Municipal Elections:

2016 municipal elections

Widespread concerns were raised following the LGE2016 second registration weekend. After a sms went out from the IEC to about 5 million voters, requesting voters to update their address information, voters became concerned about their status on the voters’ roll. This state of panic increased after the media reported that Mr Glen Mashinini, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, warned that more than two thirds of the voters roll stand to be disenfranchised due to the absence of sufficient address information.

After enquiries by the DA, the IEC confirmed that once a voter is verified as a voter and has been placed on the voters’ roll, such a voter cannot be removed without an audit trail indicating who removed that voter and the reasons for that removal (if at all). Only a voter that has applied for de-registration in terms of section 10 of the Electoral Act 1998 (Act 73 of 1998) may be removed completely from the voters’ roll. The Electoral Commission confirmed that they have not removed from the voters’ roll, a single voter or information of a voter who was previously on the voters’ roll.

Following the events that unfolded and the concerns raised by the voters, the DA requested an updated voters’ roll from the IEC to ensure accuracy of information contained in the voters’ roll. The DA undertake to report and follow up on all matters of possible corruption or irregularities brought to their attention. We are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the matter currently before the Constitutional Court, as this would provide the necessary clarity on the voters’ roll. 


  1. I registered during the weekend of 5/6 March, but my information is not updated yet?
    The IEC is currently experiencing a backlog with the capturing of data. If your information is still outdated on the IEC website please contact the DA’s call centre at 0861 22 55 32 to assist.
  1. If I did not update my address during one of the two registration weekend, will I still be able to vote?
    Nobody may be taken off the voters’ role, irrespective of the address or lack of an address on the voters’ roll. Currently the IEC has confirmed that all people currently on the voters’ roll will be able to vote on 3 August.
    The Constitutional Court will on 9 May hear arguments regarding the addresses of voters on the voters’ roll and the impact that will have on the validity of the voters’ roll.
  1. Can I still update my address information or re-register for the LGE2016?
    Message Script Circular 15 13 April 2016
    If you would like to re-register in a new voting district or update your information, you may do so by taking your ID document to your nearest IEC office during office hours.
  1. How would I know where my new Voting District is?
    You can check if you are registered in the correct voting district on You can also check where you are registered to vote on or sms your ID to 32810 or call 0861 22 55 32