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Seal Point Boardriders AGM – Pig and Rooster, Friday 8 December.

The Seal Point Boardriders AGM took place at the Pig and Rooster at the Lighthouse Precinct on Friday. It was a well-attended event, with regular club members and new faces around. Dan Thornton is the new club chairman, and the club welcomed him to the new position.

The surf club has been around forever, with a number of chair-people over the years, but fell into a little bit of inactivity over the COVID times. Thus it is now up and running again, with some people standing down from the committee and some new people coming in.

Grom Surge

Seal Point and St Francis Bay have a surge of hot up-and-coming surfers, grom surfers and young girls getting into the sport. There are also the more established competitive surfers. Also, there is a long history and legacy of top surfers coming from this side of the woods.  Therefore the groms, in particular, need some nurturing and guidance as they enter the competitive fray of surfing events.

There are several surfing contests scheduled for the area between Seal Point and Lower Point in JBay for 2024. The SFB groms and juniors will get a chance to witness and compete in several of these events. A longboard event is also coming to town with several SFB surfers competing in it as well.

The SPBRC will also have a two-day tournament for the club and for club members. This will happen at The Point (or the beach break). We will run our annual surf tournament sometime in the New Year.

Grom Events and Fund Raisers

There are other plans and ideas for the new year, including a series of fun grom events and a few fund-raisers. The surf club will announce these when they have been discussed and finalised.

Seal Point Boardriders AGM

New Committee:

Chairperson: Dan Thornton

Secretary: Craig Jarvis

Treasurer: Lynette Stander

SPBRC Committee Members for 2024: Chantal Shooter, Simon Fish, Jade Dace, Ari Kraak.

Seal Point Board Riders Club on Facebook

For any information, queries, ideas, subs payment info and anything else pertaining to Seal Point Board Riders Club, please get hold of Jarvi directly at info@craigjarvis.co.za or alternatively WhatsApp him on 082 376 4443

Seal Point Boardriders AGM

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