On Friday, 8 March, the Seal Point Boardriders Club hosted another cool little Grom contest. These unique events are not just about competition but also about camaraderie and pushing the boundaries of surfing. The local groms showcased their skills and had a blast, all while vying for the top prizes. Even those who arrived late from school were accommodated in later heats, ensuring everyone got a chance to participate.
Surf coach Shane Thorne was the contest director, with some of the parents helping with the judging and carrying, as the sandbank that the kids surfed was a little bit down the beach and not in the corner this time.
There was no particular winner for this contest; there were just a few individual results. A handicap system was also in place for surfers who had to compete against older surfers.


Brin Jarvis won the Wave Of The Event (8-point ride)
Slayde Shooter was the Surfer Of The Event.
Rylan Jarvis won the Best Move award.
Summer Harding was the Most Improved.
Griffin Sacks won the Worst Wipeout award.


The St Francis Bakery donated about 36 doughnuts for the kids (and some of the parents). The Pig and Rooster donated prizes (four vouchers, each consisting of two gourmet burgers and two hot dogs). Chio Moulang donated Wax and Suncream from The Store St Francis.
After the contest, the club committee and the parents gathered for a few quiet Friday arvi dops. There was a braai going on, and hamburgers and boerie rolls were provided for everyone.

The Vibe

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event a success. These include the parents who volunteered their time and effort, the supporters who cheered on the participants, and those who contributed to the lively atmosphere with their presence and conversations. Your involvement is what makes our surf community strong and vibrant.
The kids from the club get so excited and are already amped and training for the next contest.
Photos by @gumboot.camera

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