No membership fees for 2024

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Seal Point Boardriders Club Newsletter January 2024

This mail is the first newsletter in a while, but it will be the first in ongoing informative communications on behalf of the club.

At the end of last year, there was a surf club gathering at the Pig and Rooster, where there was a vote for the new 2024 committee.

The new club chairperson is Dan Thornton, with Lynette Stander as treasurer and Craig Jarvis as secretary. Thanks to Simon Fish, Pierre van der Walt and Graham Tugwell for their help. Pierre and Graham have stood down, while Simon remains on the committee but is no longer the chairperson. Other members are Chantal Shooter, Jade Dace and Ari Kraak.

No Membership Fees 2024

For this year, 2024, the club will not be asking for membership fees. Instead, the club is going to work towards the following:

  • Building a solid membership and establishing a database of members’ details. This includes emails and a WhatsApp group.
  • Establishing a club identity, club solidarity, pride, and loyalty amongst members.
  • Laying out a plan of goals and objectives for the club.
  • Establishing a series of grom events for grom club members.
  • Running our annual club event/AGM.
  • Establishing effective protocols for hosting other events here at Seals. Two decent-sized contests are coming to our hood plus our club events. Contest dates on the point will be communicated once calendars are confirmed.
  • Forming solid communications with Kouga Municipality, Surfing South Africa, Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders, and St Francis Property Owners Association – the groynes will be constructed this year in St Francis Bay.
  • Initiating some fundraisers.
  • Purchasing some necessary items for the club to facilitate the running of events.
  • Looking for a club sponsor or two.
  • Developing support structures for our competitive surfers.

We have communicated with the Surfing South Africa (SSA) General Manager, and the Seal Point Board Riders Club is officially recognised by and affiliated with SSA, the sports governing body. Our affiliation fees are paid up for the year.

Wish List and contact details

What we would like, as a club, is the following:

  1. We want to increase our number of members and update our database of members. Right now, we are 53 people on the database. Please reach out to anyone who might be eligible and interested in joining the club. They can contact the secretary directly at . Remember, no membership fees this year. This is by far the most essential item on the agenda, as there is strength in numbers. If we need to do or say something to the Kouga Municipality about the beach’s upkeep or voice an opinion about the groynes, a club with a solid membership will resonate.
  2. The rule of thumb is that you can join the club if you have a property ‘this side’ of the Kromme.
  3. We would like to update our club logo. As a committee, we were thinking of something new and modern yet uncomplicated. No seal and no lighthouse. This logo needs to work on stickers, tee shirts, and digital formats, i.e. newsletters, social media platforms, etc. Are there any artists out there?
  4. We are looking for ideas. Anything that might be relevant to the club. Fundraising ideas, fun event ideas, social gathering ideas, possible sponsors, possible ideas around best practices with hosting events, etc.
  5. Please let us know if any parent wants to help run our grom events. The grom events that we have planned can be pretty hands-on with our crew of highly stoked little frothers running wild at the beach. Help with events, with some light catering, judging, etc.
  6. Photos and videos. If anyone happens to bang off a cool photo or video of a club member surfing, competing in an event somewhere, winning a prize, getting barreled, or charging some big surf, we want to acknowledge that person and his or her achievements. We have a Facebook page that needs some attention, and we will establish an Instagram account where we can run photos and clips/reels. Does anyone feel like helping with a bit of social media?

Most importantly, let’s keep all communication positive and upbeat. We want to have the best surf club in the country. Feel free to email/Whatsapp with any feedback, and remember our membership drive. Let’s get our numbers up.

The Committee

Seal Point Boardriders Club

Seal Point Boardriders Club Contact email: