The Seal Point Boardriders will be holding their Annual General Meeting this Friday (8 December)  at the Pig and Rooster at the Lighthouse Precinct in Cape St.Francis.

Please join, to vote in the new committee for 2024. Please note this is not a general pay and sign-up for the club meeting. That will happen at another event.

If you would potentially like to be part of the committee or have other nominations, please chat with Jade Dace directly before Friday 8th.

The Pig and Rooster Happy Hour is from 5-6pm

Dace In Winning Form

© Louis Wulff

The Boardriders voting and formalities will take place from 6 pm onwards. The draw for the Seal Point Boardriders has always been for local homeowners ‘this’ side of the Kromme River. There are great plans for the club in the new year, and anyone who has anything to contribute will be welcome to get involved. As we see more of the younger crew and groms starting to improve and a new crew of young girl groms coming through, it is the perfect time for the club to flourish.

Happy Surfing,
Seal Point Board Riders Committee