Balobi Seafood Market & Deli

The total refurbishment of the Balobi Seafood Market & Deli late last year certainly seems to have really paid off. Chatting with Seafood Market manager, Janet Harrison yesterday she told St Francis today how the market was a buzz every single day and most surprising was the support of locals. Many a local goes into ‘hibernation’ over the season to avoid the crowds with many opting for the “seven o’clock shopping” (ie. first thing in the morning as shops open or last thing in the evening just before closing). But Janet said this was not the case at the seafood market as locals joined the queues, even at peak hours around lunchtime to savour the now famous fish and chips (or salad for the health conscious) freshly cooked at the market.

Locals will remember that up until last year the Seafood market only opened on a Friday and if one missed the one o’clock closing deadline one had to wait a whole week to stock up with one’s fresh fish requirements. Well all that has changed and the seafood market is now open seven days a week to allow us daily access to their wide range of seafood and deli offerings.

During our chat was at pains to make sure we mention how the seafood market staff put “nose to the grindstone” and delivered, often under the most trying of cituations where the shop was literally bursting at the seams with visitors..

Below is a short newsletter that Janet sends out to her database.

The buzz created by the chattering and laughter in the Seafood Market & Deli, was definitely in tune with the whole holiday feeling that surrounded the Port this year.  Busier than it has been in the last few years it was a joy to see so many people enjoying all the Port has to offer.

Our slogan “Life should taste as good as Seafood  was proven time and again this last season, with people – both local and visitors –  streaming through the Seafood Market in the search of fresh Seafood for their Festive Season or just enjoying our fish/calamari and chips.

As we go forward into this New Year, taking the lessons learnt from last, we hope to keep you in constant supply of fresh fish, frozen seafood and of course, our famous, fish and chips. We have been so lucky this season with enough fresh fish such as Cape Salmon (Geelbek), Yellow Tail, Red Roman and even same Cob (Kabeljou) and hopefully our luck will hold.  Please feel free to phone our office 042 294 0162 at about 10:30am each day, to find out what delicious fish the boats have brought in.

We are still open until 6pm every evening except for Sunday and encourage you to put in phone orders before 5:30 for your evening take-away.

And lastly what an AWESOME team! I’d truly like to thank my team for the long, hard hours you’ve all put in.  Always smiling and going the extra mile.

Janet Harrison
Seafood Market and Deli.

Whilst at the Port yesterday we managed to a get few photograph of a couple of chokka boats offloading their catch.