Golden Oldies Gift BagsThe Rotary Club of St. Francis extends an invitation to join our Golden Oldies Gift Bags Project. This is an initiative aimed at brightening the holiday season for some of our community’s most vulnerable senior citizens. In the spirit of compassion and generosity, we aspire to bring a little bit of joy to those who may find themselves in need during Christmas.

Heartfelt Goal

Our Golden Oldies Santa Gift Bags Project is currently underway. We have set a heartfelt goal of collecting 250 gift bags by the end of October. This noble endeavour is spearheaded by our dedicated Rotarian, Chantel James. She is leading the charge to make a difference in the lives of our senior citizens.


The fruits of this collective effort will be distributed to senior citizens at Ons Tuiste Home for the Aged and the Assisted Living Centre in Humansdorp. This will be during a special event in November. Additionally, we plan to extend our outreach to benefit Hospice patients and other senior citizens in the greater St. Francis and Sea Vista areas. The Sibanye Ladies Group has generously offered their assistance in this heartwarming endeavour.

It’s essential to recognize that many of these seniors subsist on minimal pensions and may spend the holiday season in solitude. Thus our goal is to offer them a reason to smile and lift their spirits during this festive period.

Donors Invited

We invite donors to participate in this act of kindness by assembling complete gift bags at our local Spar. Further, there is a dedicated donation trolley, thoughtfully placed at the store’s entrance. Alternatively, you can drop off completed bags or make cash donations at The Quays Restaurant in St. Francis.

The estimated cost of the contents for each gift bag is approximately R200. We are immensely grateful for any monetary contributions. Donors who prefer to contribute financially can make Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) to the Rotary St. Francis bank account. Further, this is at the Standard Bank, located in Humansdorp. Please reference your donation with “SANTA” followed by your surname.

Your support and generosity in this endeavour is appreciated. Thus it will undoubtedly bring warmth, comfort, and happiness to those in our community who may need it most during this holiday season. So, join us in spreading the joy of Christmas to our cherished senior citizens.