Blake Crankshaw from Wilderness has released a new surf movie ‘Always Then.’
It features Crankshaw, 17, and friends and was filmed over the last two years at various locations in South Africa.

The film was documented at various remote beaches across the country to get as far off the beaten track as possible and show these amazing places and waves that the crew had the chance to experience. Some of the locations and waves are pretty incredible, and it is a joy to witness that there are still so many unknown and uncrowded waves out there!

The movie features South African rippers like Adin Jeans, Sean Holmes, Vincent Withers, Murry Carter, Ruben Lammers, Max Campbell, Brad Clack, Bruce Taplim Mitch Du Preez, Forrest Hair, Crankshaw and others.

Besides making movies, Crankshaw also has an excellent competitive pedigree, winning the U18 division of the Rip Curl GromSearch contest held at Victoria Bay in March.

The movie has some sick barrels, big wave sessions, heavy slabs, secret spots and empty perfection where you would least expect it.

So grab a cup, park off, get the movie onto a big screen and turn the volume right up. You’ll explore with Crankshaw and friends and be very surprised with what you find.