The coastal town of Cape St Francis is set to host the grand finale of the highly anticipated Rip Curl GromSearch, drawing the best junior surfers from across South Africa. The tournament will take place from 29 September – 1 October. This year, the spotlight shines brightly on the Premier U16 division, where the winners will not only claim the coveted Winner’s Trophy but also walk away with a handsome R6,000 cash prize.

Seal Point’s waves have a reputation for being good during this time of the year, making it the perfect venue for the climax of the GromSearch series and an ideal canvas for these young talents to showcase their skills and push the boundaries of their abilities.

The contest receives invaluable support from The Cape St Francis Resort, a local establishment that recognizes the importance of nurturing and promoting young talent in the world of surfing.

Joel Fowles in action at Seal Point last year © Louis Wulff


The Rip Curl GromSearch series has firmly established itself as the premier junior surfing competition series in South Africa. It provides a crucial platform for these budding surfers to test their mettle against their peers and gain valuable competitive experience. Moreover, it serves as a stepping stone for many on the path to becoming professional surfers.

Rip Curl’s unwavering support for the GromSearch series underlines their dedication to fostering the growth of surfing in South Africa. Beyond this junior competition, Rip Curl continues investing in the country’s surfing community by sponsoring a dynamic team of surfers representing the brand at local and international events.

The Rip Curl GromSearch has become a cherished tradition in the South African surfing calendar, and next year will be the third year of the series, with more to come.

Ben Esterhuyse en route to victory at last year’s Rip Curl GromSearch Seal Point

© Louis Wulff

“We’re looking forward to having the final event leg of the 2023 Rip Curl GromSearch series at Seal Point,” said Rip Curl South Africa’s CEO Stuart Daykin. “Good luck to all the competitors.”

 This tournament is a Surfing South Africa event and will again have U12 boys and girls, U14 boys and girls, U16 boys and girls and U18 boys and girls divisions competing. The competition is a Premier SAST event, with 1,000 points for the winners and prize money per a premier event.

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The beautiful Cape St Francis Resort is supporting the Rip Curl GromSearch. Bordering the beach at Cape St Francis, just a few minutes from the contest venue, Cape St Francis Resort ticks all the boxes as a perfect beach holiday destination. 

 The Resort has a unique setting. Several accommodation options include conventional hotel rooms and three- and four-bedroom cottages. There are also luxury beach villas. The Cape St Francis Resort is ideal for couples, surfers, families and anyone who loves a beach holiday. All are suitable for either a bed and breakfast or self-catering option.

Discounted rates at Cape St Francis Resort for competitors and their families

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