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Sakkie Mouton’s Revenge Of The Crayfish.

“I grew up on a wine farm 4 kilometres from the small West Coast town of Vredendal. 

After finishing school here, I studied viticulture and Oenology at the Elsenburg Agricultural College outside Stellenbosch. After my studies, I went travelling for 5 years to do harvests in different countries all around the world to try and figure out where I saw myself in the world of wine, just to realize that I needed to go home and start my own brand to try and help the West Coast find its true identity.

No more Co-Op grapes and no more cheap winemaking methods; for me, it’s all about the vineyards and the unique sites around the area, and I am more than willing to dive in headfirst to find the root of what makes the West Coat “Lekker”!”

Get your cray on… For those with a taste for the unusual.” The label tells you most of what you need to know here; this isn’t your usual Chenin.


Sakkie’s idea behind this wine was to create something that spoke unequivocally of its provenance: the largely unknown West Coast. The vineyards for the Crayfish are located on well-drained sandy soils, about three miles from the cold Atlantic ocean. The ocean breezes play a crucial role in keeping this wine fresh, as the climate is otherwise quite hot. As for the label, well, it’s a reference to when the Crayfish start eating the humans. You know… the infamous crayfish apocalypse.


Baleia Wines & Olive Oil Available At TOPS and SPAR

All great wines are born from a particular location. In the case of Baleia, it is a terroir unlike any other in South Africa. Baleia, Portuguese for Whale, is the first and only winery in the Lower Duivenhoks ward near the remote hamlet of Vermaaklikheid on the Cape South Coast.


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