Rotary5Some weeks back we published an article on the need for a recycling drop-off point in St Francis but to date little has happened other than an aborted Solid Waste & Environmental Management “Public Participation” meeting at Sea Vista Community Hall earlier this month which turned out not to be.  So in fact nothing has happened.

Stopping over at the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop at God’s Acre yesterday afternoon was indeed an encouraging experience. The hordes of kids, some hardly out of nappies, carrying piles of cardboard, plastic bottles, newspapers and glass bottles, was a sight to see. One kid had apparently arrived earlier with a 120Kg’s load of glass, another with around 80kg’s, others with carrying almost their own weight in old newspapers or cardboard. One can only imagine what the streets of Sea Vista would look like if it were not for these kids and sure, they receive a  small reward for their efforts, but they should also be praised. They say lessons learnt when very young last a lifetime and if this is true, we can look forward to a future generation of kids in Sea Vista being very aware of the importance of recycling.

So the question is… if these kids can make such an effort to carry, drag or push loads of recyclable waste hundreds of metres from their homes to the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop, all for the reward of a tin of fish or a bar of soap, surely those of us with motor vehicles could make similar effort with our recyclable waste once a month?  And what about our privileged kids? Maybe the next pair of Nikes or designer  that t-shirt should be conditional on their collecting their household recyclable waste and sorting it into bags that Mom or Dad can drop off at the Rotary Recycle Swop Shop once a month along with a small donation of grocery items to help this incredibly important cause.

The recent coastal cleanup shows it can be a family effort when it is a publicised event but why wait for a special occasion, make it a daily habit. Next time you are about to throw an empty plastic coke or milk bottle, or a newspaper, or empty tin into the garbage, think again. When taking a walk on the beach take a plastic bag along to pick up any litter you may find. Everyone can make a difference and the time to start is today. It’s an easy habit and your reward is not a tin of fish or bar of soap… it is about saving our wonderful planet and keeping our village and beaches clean.





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