The kids of Balobi Disney Creche will be a little warmer this winter

Leslie Moore and Cathryn Hempel invited St Francis Today for a brief tour of Talhado Children’s Haven last week before crossing the road to the Balobi Disney Crèche where Leslie and Cathryn handed out warm winter jerseys to the children of the crèche.  Knitted by volunteers who can purchase  knitting packs and patterns for pullovers and beanies from Nomvula Knitting and knit them up for the kids at both Talhado and Disney Crèche.

More on Talhado in a future article for the short time spent at the school was certainly an eye-opener worth getting to know more about  and how Cathryn has introduced the Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, into Talhado curriculum.

As with previous visits to Disney Creche it is so heart-warming to walk into a and be welcomed by beaming smiles of these innocent souls so appreciative of what they receive.

Local clothing company Shakti Shanti is collaborating with Talhado Children’s Haven and Tharros Child and Youth Care Centre to promote empowerment in women and children in our local communities: Read More