Home Staging – Is It All Just Window Dressing?

It is often difficult to present a newly built home to the market as the four walls, albeit often very aesthetically appealing, cannot tell a story. The empty shell has not had life breathed into it. Yet, as we all know, it is imperative to tell a story when marketing a property. 

That’s where home staging comes in. According to Forbes, a staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home, which makes one appreciate the importance of this practice. In recent years shows on TV like Selling Sunset go through absurd lengths to stage a home, almost to the point where buying the house without that furniture would be unthinkable! 

However, in reality, home staging in the South African context is much more centred around giving the property warmth, helping buyers visualise the space as their home. 


The right décor, lighting, and homeliness can make all the difference when buyers view a property. Some agents even start the braai or light the fireplace in winter, brew a cup of coffee, or bake muffins. This is not pulling the wool over the buyer’s eyes but rather an attempt by the agents to take the cold hard walls out of the equation and help the new buyers see more potential.  

Professional home staging companies even add another level of class, like paintings on empty walls, a fanciful front door rug or a lounge suite, adding that wow factor to the room.   

The best would be to follow the lead of your agent. Understanding when to do what is part of their expertise. If you trust your agent and they are guiding you well, there is no reason why adding a little je ne sais quoi to your home should be seen than nothing else but improved marketing.

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