Print Media is Dead. These words have been around for a decade now, and magazines and newspapers have been shutting down, jobs lost, and, in some cases, lives ruined, and the worst is yet to come. The New Yorker recently published a chilling article called – Is the Media Prepared for an Extinction-Level Event?

The End of Media

This article is the end of media foretold. “Publishers, brace yourselves—it’s going to be a wild ride,” wrote Matthew Goldstein, a media consultant. “I see a potential extinction-level event in the future.” Some of the forces cited by Goldstein are common knowledge: all the bad news that spews out all day from every screen, sitting right alongside repetitive sales adverts and special offer announcements, has utterly burned out consumers. However, Goldstein also pointed to Google’s rollout of AI-integrated search, which answers user queries within the Google interface rather than referring them to outside sites.

Sitting Inside Google

This means that websites will become redundant for informative and research purposes, a major factor in the upcoming extinction. It’s very alarming. Websites will not get traffic; we will all sit inside Google.

So, what’s my point in the gloom? As counterintuitive as it seems, we have been working on a double deadline over the last few weeks, producing two print magazines simultaneously. Anyone (still working) in publishing will know that producing two magazines simultaneously is a stupid idea unless you have a solid team behind you, and we are two and a half: my creative director, myself, and an assistant I onboarded in desperation as things went wild. 

Will this mass extinction of media affect us? Yes, but only in the distant future. Right now, we are a community that, we like to think, looks out for each other, supports local businesses, and wants to find out what’s happening in the club’s association and sports groups, who is doing what, and who has won or accomplished something wonderful or great. Community magazines and newspapers are integral to small neighbourhoods. 

Wildside Times Issue 8

The latest issue of Wildside Times is coming to St Francis Bay sometime this week, and it’s another cool little issue filled with local content, banter, and fun. 

From the sporting side, there is a review of the SDC Golf championships that took place at The Links, as well as a look at the St Francis Bay groms and their excellent surfing results in Cape Town.

Print Media is Dead

Jordan Gumberg Wins

We also have an abridged version of the Chairperson’s report from Kromme Enviro-Trust and an update from FOSTER on all their excellent work. 

We unpack the upcoming groyne construction project as part of the Long Term Coastal, with input from the Chairperson of the SFPO And NPC, and we also have some news on the newly energised Seal Point Boardriders Club,

Wine On Water Shenanigans

There is an interesting interview with Paul Middleton from Calibre Security, shenanigans from the Wine On Water Event, as well as other notes and announcements, bouquets and onions, and nuggets of news and information from the village and the beach. Remember that when the magazine print version comes out, we will also publish the online version and share that link. Mags should be here soon; find them at various locations around the village. 

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