Wednesday afternoon last week turned into one of the best surf days at Seal Point this year. That was the word on the boulevard, as the afternoon session just pumped with a fresh groundswell coming in over the outside reefs at the perfect angle. The tide was high, and the inside section was firing. The wind was offshore, and there were even a few bombs at the beachbreak.


While we don’t all have the time to surf every day, as commitments to work, kids, and other more fundamental things take precedence, I managed to squeeze in a quick three-hour surf in the afternoon. It was glorious. It was crowded and intense in the water at times, but on the whole, there were enough waves for everyone to have their share and to have a few laughs.
Afterwards, I was pretty exhausted and wanted nothing else to do but slink onto the couch with a giant G&T, but then we decided, on a whim, to go and join some friends at the Pig & Rooster for a quick bite to eat instead.

Minimal But Lekker

The Pig & Rooster menu is minimal but lekker. Hamburgers and hotdogs, but not just normal types of hamburgers and hotdogs. My wife went for the NYC Classic hotdog with sauerkraut, tomato sauce and mustard, while I went for the Kimchi Dog with kimchi and Japanese mayo with a side order of shoestring fries. My kids went for the classic burger and the hot smoked pulled pork burger.

Pig & Rooster Review

“Can’t talk! Eating!”

It’s not often that there is no yapping in our family over dinner, but this meal was devoured in silence. It was so good that it was the perfect Homer Simpson ‘can’t talk, eating!’ scenario. We were all quite hungry, and three hours of paddling will activate your hunger pangs a bit, but this meal found the spot. Fresh, tasty comfort food, perfect for post-surf munchies washed down with some beer, Sprite, or wine, depending on your age and gender, with some good chatting with our dinner guests after our meal.
The Pig & Rooster is perfect for a quick, easy post-surf meal. A large-screen TV plays surfing from the latest WSL events, and prices are reasonable. Check out the menu. Pig & Rooster Review

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