78 blankies for kids at Disney Creche in Sea Vista

Article published on Facebook by Jane Arderne!

“Yesterday we handed out 78 blankies to Disney Creche in Sea Vista. Pam Golding Properties and I would like to thank our dear friends who gave so much time, creativity and love to this project “67 BLANKIES FOR MADIBA’!

We have hundreds more squares and more wool to keep this project going so anyone who has a passion for knitting and time, please help us to keep going! The need never goes away for warmth and comfort.

The ladies who have gone beyond the call of a “few squares”, and who have knitted hundreds, we owe our massive gratitude to, are Jean Hempel and her East London friends for their many, many gorgeous finished blankets; Ilse Helene Beer in Humansdorp for her beautiful creative squares and to Jancke Beer for helping co-ordinate this project with the assistance of Magory Lippert; Granny Jess Van Niekerk and the ladies of Constantia Village in Cape Town for their hundreds of squares; local crochet whizz Vanessa Jonsson for helping me to put the blankets together; Sheila Douglas, mum of Dot Stuart-White, for their blankets and squares;

And the following friends from SFB, JHB, CT – Jane Osborne, Janet Voerman, Joan Anderson, Carmen Stevens, Lynne Medley, Cathryn Hempel, (for her squares and inspiring me to follow the Talhado blanket drive), Fiona Watts; Kate Bendeman and her granny; Clairwen Praetorius and her mum, Lynne Campbell; Leandie Terblanche; Lindsay Groom, Anne Kleu and Liz Holmes for their lovely finished blankies; Grace Kennedy for her supply of yarn;

Carmen Purdy for her squares and finished blanket and her helper Anna for hers; Vicky Peinke, Annie Eales (for keeping the Cape Town grannies with a good supply of yarn, and for her squares);

Jeanine Arderne and Matt Arderne (for his few rows and learning to knit) and Richard Arderne for a few holes in my knitting!

Thank you to everyone and if your name, for some reason isn’t on the list, we thank you too.”