Report by Richard Arderne


We celebrated our sales for the financial year just ended, with our “AGM” at the wonderful Dune Ridge Lodge on Tuesday. We took the opportunity to reflect on our town, and brainstormed the positives and negatives. The positives outnumbered the negatives by a large margin!

The POSITIVES, In no particular order:

  1. Wonderful river, canals and sea
  2. Supportive community
  3. Young families moving into town, school full
  4. Good quality of life … and good quality sea water & air
  5. Relatively good municipality, energetic new councilor
  6. Sporting mecca, many sports clubs
  7. Nature areas around town
  8. Strong civil society (eg Prop Owners, Kromme Trust)
  9. Good retail & hospitality facilities
  10. Nice size. Plett is too big, Oyster Bay is too small
  11. Low crime rate, safe
  12. Peaceful quiet town
  13. Good doctors & alternative healing (yoga etc etc)
  14. Port and fishing industry
  15. Opportunities for new businesses
  16. Strong property demand, and prices way lower than Plett



  1. Beach erosion … but solid plan in place
  2. Infrastructure lags population growth .. but sewerage works upgraded, roads re-surfaced
  3. Drought .. but PE should get Orange River water soon, might take pressure off “our” dams
  4. No fully fledged retirement village … but two are planned
  5. Medical facilities not sufficient for all, but JBay hospital underway
  6. Insufficient diversification of businesses … leads to opportunities
  7. Growing informal housing
  8. Threat of nuclear power plant… but seems to be shelved, and surely we can’t afford it anyway
  9. Threat of floods and fires … but now new Sand River Bridge, and “Thatch Farm” drain, and fire station
  10. Shortage of saleable property stock!

In summary, we are very positive about our town!