NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis Bay

Paddler rescued by NSRI on St Francis to Jeffreys

A paddler was rescued by Jeffreys Bay NSRI after they were alerted following reports that a paddler may have gone missing during a ski race between St Francis Bay and Jeffreys Bay on Saturday 24th December. Family reportedly had visuals on one of the two paddlers but the second paddler was nowhere to be seen and they raised the alarm.

NSRI dispatched a sea rescue quad bike, the sea rescue craft Eddie Beaumont II and Project Rescuer and one of the sea rescue crew, a pilot, borrowed an aircraft to join in the search.

One paddler, a 40 year old local man was found on the beach near to Albatross but his friend, a 53 year old man from Kommetjie, Cape Town, who now lives in Hawaii, was missing and although there was cellphone contact with the man, it was difficult to pinpoint his position due to the very strong off-shore gale force winds.

At approximately 12h30 the man, suffering exhaustion and hypothermia, was eventually found on the Port Elizabeth side at the Gamtoos River Mouth where he had beached, 3 kilometers away from the original search area.

While medical treatment commenced he was taken onboard the sea rescue craft and brought to the Jeffreys Bay side of the Gamtoos River Mouth where with the assistance of the Papiesfontein Horse Riding outfit, allowing us access and guiding us, we were able to reach the area by vehicle, he was transported in the sea rescue vehicle to a waiting EC Government Health EMS ambulance and transported to hospital in the care of EMS paramedics. It was reported that he was in a stable condition.

NSRI Press release (edited)