Annual visitor gives other side of the coin

“I have to vent.

Your editorial suggesting that we should “lump it if we don’t like it” and use ear plugs because The Ruins and Billy’s Beach are so important to the local economy is glib and unacceptably flippant.  I have just spoken to the police who also informed me that they are fielding numerous calls from irate residents (it is now well after midnight as I write this). No one can convince me that the volume of the music (actually I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt when I use the word music to describe the filthy language which is being used by the DJ and in the “songs” he has played) is necessary. The DJ obviously has a seriously limited vocabulary…

It is not possible to sleep, ear plugs or not, and I doubt that those attending the function need to be blasted into oblivion by the volume of what is being played to them. 

I am not an old grouch, just someone who comes down here year after year to enjoy some rest and recovery after another tough year. I don’t come here to be deprived of sleep for a week or more.  This kind of function will, if allowed to continue in this way, negatively affect the local economy because other people like me will stop coming here over the festive season. I am sure that anyone who has rented a house within 1 or 2km of The Ruins will be looking to move out in the morning and demand a refund of their rentals.  There have been functions at Billy’s and The Ruins/  Workshop most years, but never have they offended the residents to the degree as what is happening tonight. The Ruins used to be far away from the residential area and for good reason. Why was the licence granted without inviting comments from affected parties that allows the organisers to ruin the peace of our town?”

Yours sincerely
Hedley Pougnet

St Francis Today does agree that there should be a cut-off time when music should cease for there are no doubt by-laws that are possibly being ignored. As for the bad language – sadly it seems the more foul mouth some can be the more in vogue they thing=k they are.

Why not start earlier and finish earlier say midnight – as a compromise. Many concerts aound the world are successfully held in daylight so if you are coming to be intoxicated by the music and not the liquor, it should make no difference really.